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Nancy Thayer's novels revolve around the mysteries of family life. For more information on some of the below titles, including excerpts from the book, click on the name of the title.

Nancy Thayer

The fabulous women from The Hot Flash Club are back in top form, welcoming the stressed-out and pampering-deprived through their discreet spa doors--as Nancy Thayer returns with a witty, sexy and heartwarming novel. The Hot Flash Club Strikes Again also introduces us to four new women, ready for massages and seaweed wraps, each struggling to reconcile her secret dreams, biggest fears, and deepest feelings as topsy-turvy events shake up her life.

After eighteen years of trying to make peace with her husband's cold-as-ice mother, Polly vows to be the perfect mother-in-law: loving, accepting, and determined to keep her mouth shut. Then her son marries Amy, a Birkenstocked gal whose organic farm and family ooze a rather creepy serenity. Ever the optimist, Polly puts her best foot why does it end up in her mouth?

A shy and brilliant professor-to-be, Beth has lived a sheltered life. Then she meets Sonny, a rugged, sexy carpenter who sweeps her off her feet. The problem? Beth may not survive his loud, affectionate, athletic family--especially when the very beautiful and earthy woman everybody wanted Sonny to marry is still hanging around the family dinner table.

Heiress to one of New England's oldest paper companies, Carolyn is the driving force behind the brand. Now, at thirty-seven, the workaholic executive is finally pregnant with her first child, and high blood pressure is forcing her to do something totally alien: relax. But how can she let down her guard when her seventysomething father has eloped with a young bank clerk named Heather, whose rather plain looks and unassuming nature nevertheless manage to fill Carolyn with suspicion?

A free-spirited photographer, Julia has married a man she loves, but he's come packed with baggage. Tim is a widower with a young daughter, and Julia has bravely stepped up to the plate, doing her best to provide maternal support. But as if being pinned down by the child's slightly manipulative ways and (dare Julia say it) spoiled behavior wasn't enough, there's Tim's ex-mother-in-law, whose meddling is getting nastier by the week.

For Polly, Beth, Carolyn, and Julia, the time has come to stand up for what matters--for their passions, their hearts, and themselves. As they maneuver through family drama and embrace unexpected change, they come to find that life is much easier (and a lot more fun) when you've got friends, wine, and chocolate along for the ride.

Nancy Thayer

Meet Faye, Shirley, Marilyn, and Alice, four mature women with different life styles and problems, who meet, eat, and scheme. They help each other, their friends and their grown children. They change clothes, jobs, and men. Their friendship illuminates strengths they never knew they had, and solutions they never would have dreamed of alone.

Important note from Nancy about MAUD LEWIS:

Maud Lewis, the wonderful painter mentioned briefly in The Hot Flash Club, was born in Nova Scotia, not Quebec, as I wrote during what must have been a "senior moment"! Warm apologies to all admirers of Maud Lewis. The correction has been made in the paperback version coming out in December.

When Kelly MacLeod becomes a Massachusetts Family Court judge, she is determined to do what is right. But what is right when one's deepest personal emotions clash with the law?

St. Martin's Press, 2001
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Between Husbands and Friends
Can you marry young and remain faithful all your life? Will marriage fulfill your deepest desires? Is a secret the same as a lie? To whom should you be most loyal, your best friend or your spouse? These are some of the questions troubling Lucy West, the wife of goodhearted Max West, the editor of a small town Massachusetts newspaper. The Wests' best friends are the glamorous Cunninghams; their four children are friends, too. For ten years the two families vacation every August in Lucy's summer house on Nantucket.

St. Martin's Press, 1999 
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An Act of Love
For seven years, Linda McFarland has been happy with her new husband Owen. She believes that her daughter Emily and Owen's son Bruce have joined together to make a happy family. Then Emily accuses Bruce of a terrible deed. Bruce denies it. When you must choose between your spouse and your child, whom do you choose? This is the question both Linda and Owen must face as they try to discover the truth.

St. Martin's Press, 1997
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When Joanna Jones, a successful television host and producer, leaves New York City for an old Nantucket house and a new life, she discovers new friends, hidden treasure, danger and deceit, and the surprise of lasting love.

St. Martin's Press, 1995
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Family Secrets
Family Secrets concerns three generations of women. Kirkus Reviews praised the book for "strong, compelling characters and a swift emotional current that tugs us along."

Viking, 1993

Everlasting, which the Anniston Star called a "vivid, steamy romance...a bouquet of a novel," tells the tale of a young woman who builds a prestigious flower shop in New York City. It was a Literary Guild Dual Main Selection.

Viking, 1991

My Dearest Friend
This novel is the story of Daphne Miller, a single mother, and Jack Hamilton, a handsome, married, college professor and new friend. The Los Angeles Sunday Herald said, "a thoughtful, poignant story is this, which reverberates with intelligence and humor as well."

Charles Scribners' Sons, 1988

Spirit Lost
This novel works as "a carefully wrought and credible ghost story" (Publishers Weekly) and as a tale about jealousy in marriage. It was made into a movie by United Image Entertainment and is available on video.

Charles Scribners' Sons, 1988

Morning is about one woman's struggle with infertility. Booklist said, "Thayer once again delves deeply into women's issues and emotions. Thayer's story is bound to touch hearts."

Charles Scribners' Sons, 1987

This novel, which is about a divorced woman with two small children, was called by the Washington Post Book World, "a novel for and about women, by a woman who is a masterly storyteller."

William Morrow, 1984

Bodies and Souls
Bodies and Souls "stripped bare the secret passion of the small New England town," says the Library Journal and Publishers Weekly praised it for being " in insights into the hearts hidden desires."

Doubleday, 1983

Three Women at the Water's Edge
Daisy is twenty-nine years old, the mother of two children and pregnant with her third when her husband leaves her for another woman. She calls on her mother for support just when Margaret has escaped a life of service and discovered a whole new world in Vancouver. Dale, Daisy's sister, watches her mother and Daisy and wonders how anyone can let herself be vulnerable to love.

Doubleday, 1981
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Stepping is about a new wife who becomes a stepmother and mother. The New York Times Book Review said, "Thayer has created a fine character and written about a difficult social issue with insight and compassion."

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